Batman is one of the most renowned Anatolian provinces of Turkey. The region is famous for its historical glory and natural richness. Batman enjoys the flow of the namesake river, which joins the Tigris ultimately. Apart from the natural verve and beauty that the rivers generate, Batman is adorned by the magnificent Taurus Mountains. The mountain range lends the landscape unparalleled beauty. The Malabadi Bridge is an impressive structure over the river in Batman. 

Hasankeyf.. One of the most popular area of the vicinity due to its historic wealth. The city stands as living evidence to the multifaceted cultural foundations of the Arabs, Seljuks, Mongolians and Ottomans and houses a plethora of valuable remnants from the past. The place is a major tourist attraction with its unlimited treasure of antique civilizations. Sadly, most of it will be lost under the flows of rivers after the completion of the GAP project for building dams in the region. Work is already on to salvage as much of historical evidence as possible. 

Hasankeyf`s origin as a settlement area probably dates back to prehistoric times. The city was the pivot of Turkish culture with its plentiful educational and scientific institutes. According to legend, it is named after Hasan, who escaped from the fortress with a miraculous jump over the high walls and into the Tigris.                                                                 
The golden era of Hasankeyf was as the capital of the Artuklu Seljucks. A grand fortress was built during the time on wonderful limestone structures. The remains of the fortress are a sight to be seen. The other spots of prominence are the wide bridge over Tigris, the Ulu Mosque, the Cizre Bridge, Carsi Mosque, Veysel Karani tomb, Zeynel Bey`s tomb, Rizk Mosque, Koc Mosque and Eyyubi Tomb. Most of these historical representations are symbols of the architectural and aesthetic tastes of the flourishing civilizations. Currently, tourists will find small rest rooms and eating joints in the numerous caves of Hasankeyf. You can enjoy a truly remarkable experience when you see history so closely in the magnificent remnants of the place. 

Shopping.. Carpets, kilims, gold, silver ornaments and antique pieces, you get everything at Batman. The unique tastes of Turkish Bazaars and the common sights and sounds of the marketplace remain as one of the most pleasurable memories from Batman.

The oil industry has brought a lot of development to the area. The region is well connected via railways and extensive highways. Like its unusual name, Batman promises an unusual vacation for you. So make a point to visit this place while in Turkey.

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